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Video Intercom Solution

Video intercom systems provide an added layer of security when allowing people access to your site or business premises. Not only do you get to hear them, but you also get to see who’s at the door requesting access.

Video door entry systems offer versatile access control, enabling maximum control over premises entry. These systems, recording video, serve as valuable evidence if authorities require it. Ideal for high-security locations, office blocks with non-ground floor receptions, and sites seeking enhanced security, video intercom systems can use color or black-and-white cameras. Videophone door entry systems, equipped with infrared lighting for nighttime visibility, cater to sites with frequent nighttime visitor traffic, ensuring a clear image even in complete darkness. These technologies provide an additional layer of security and efficient management of access control.

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Our video intercom systems are

• Flexible – multiple users can give access to people visiting your premises
• Perfect for high-security sites, office blocks and other premises with a high volume of visitors
• Installed by qualified engineers – peace of mind that you’re working with an ethical company
• Sourced from leading brands such as Hikvison, Dahua

What businesses do we work with?

Wondering if a video door entry system is suitable for your business? If your goal is to enhance security, control visitor and delivery access to your premises, video door entry systems come highly recommended. Our expertise extends across various industries, catering to:

• Offices & Warehouses
• Schools
• Any types of showrooms
• Construction sites and solar farms
• Gyms and hospitality businesses
• Shops and car parks
• Apartment blocks and property developments

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